Monday, May 10, 2010

I have ZERO will-power!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Ugh, I don't even know where to start with this one. The only plus to my day was that I started it by going to the gym. I forced myself to get up (even though I could have stayed in bed all day) and get ready. It was surprisingly cold out yesterday morning, which was a bummer considering the amazingly beautiful weather we've been having lately. I actually had to put long pants on over my gym shorts!

I got to the gym and was surprised by how many MEN were there. I swear I only saw maybe a half dozen women in the time I was there. I sincerely hope that the men that were there either don't have wives or children because if B'Ster went to the gym on Mother's Day I'd probably kill him! Hehe!

Needless to say there was no difficulty getting the machines/weights I needed. I jumped on the treadmill for 30 minutes to warm up - set it at 10% and 4.0 mph. After that I headed over to do weights. I think I need to mix up my bicep/tricep work out. I've been trying to save my legs for when I work out with T because they need the most work, but I'm afraid that my triceps/biceps will start to plateau if I don't mix it up. She and I have worked my legs, shoulders and abs but we haven't hit back/arms so maybe I will rearrange my work outs this week so she and I can target those this week... we'll see how I feel.

Anyway, I was smart enough to bring all my shower stuff to the gym, so I got ready for the rest of my day there. By the time I was cleaned up it was 12:30pm. B'Ster was getting out of work around that time so I hit the road to try to get home before him. I didn't! He was already home and mowing the lawn by the time I got there. I walked around back to say hello and the first thing he said was "Wow! You look so pretty today!" ... It was awesome! And I felt pretty too.

After a brief conversation with him I went inside to start cooking and getting ready for dinner. We finished up our chores around 3:30pm and collapsed on the couch. His family wasn't coming until 6pm so we had some time to relax and watch TV. We caught up on a few episodes of Lost before everyone arrived.

We spent the next 3 hours eating, talking and laughing... this is the part that gets ugly. I tried to create a healthy BBQ with turkey burgers, hot dogs, whole wheat rolls, whole wheat pasta salad, regular green salad, potato salad (I didn't eat) and angel-food cake layered with vanilla ice cream & orange sherbet.

It probably would have been healthy if I had managed to control my will-power... but alas I did not and am horrified at what I ate. I honestly am afraid at what Sparkpeople is going to spit out at me for my totals... but here it goes...

Food Log:
  • Breakfast: Honeynut Cheerios w/skim milk
  • Snack: Nothing
  • Lunch: Nothing
  • Appetizer: Tricuit Thin crisps, tabbouleh salad; Wheat Thins, cheddar cheese
  • Dinner: 3oz turkey burger w/cheese, ketchup & BBQ sauce on a whole wheat bun; hot dog w/ketchup & mustard on a whole wheat bun; 1 cup pasta salad; 2 cups green salad
  • Dessert: 2 slices Angel Food cake

Carb/Fat/Protein Breakdown:

  • Fat: 33.0% - over goal (by 3)
  • Carbs: 50.8% - met goal
  • Protein: 16.2% - met goal

I guess it really wasn't so bad after all considering that I did burn quiet a few calories at the gym before eating like a fool.

Exercise Log:

  • Bicep Curls
  • Hammer Curls
  • Concentration Curls
  • Tricep Extension
  • Lying Extension
  • Kick Backs
  • Push Downs
  • Treadmill - 10% incline, 4.0 mph

Tonight I have school which means no exercise but I think my body is dying for a day off anyway. As I said to my friend Jami today, I am super disciplined with my work outs (maybe overly so) but I just can't figure out the food thing ... I did bring a protein bar (a kind that T recommend) & rice cakes w/peanut butter for snacks today (T recommended) so hoping that I can eventually get the food thing down ...

Stay Strong!
xoxox Raich

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